Huntsman DLG Marine Campaign

Maximize freedom of design while minimizing cost

A maritime environment requires weather and high-stress resistance, durability, and reliability, of all used materials, in order to keep production, maintenance and repair at the lowest possible cost.

Therefore, it’s about choosing the right materials from the beginning. A wise choice speeds up production, helps reduce future repair costs and increases the longevity of the end product. For example, structural adhesives that allow simple application directly to the parts that need to be bonded, regardless of weather and sea spray. Huntsman makes performance possible – in any conditions.

Read more about the power-trio for structural bonding in the marine industry

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Key insights:

  • Discover innovations to reduce production time up to 50% as a result of limited pre-treatment, easy application and no need for rework.
  • Uncover ideas to achieve higher impact and fatigue resistance thanks to excellent elongation of more than 100%.
  • Know how to pair structural adhesives with the perfect matching composites.
  • Learn more about the newest ARALDITEĀ® structural adhesives designated for marine needs.
  • Ensure desired results with good simulation, learn about process optimization support and potential testing facilities.
  • Learn how to reduce downtime by up to 50%.
  • Discover practical insights that widen your repair window and make previously impossible repairs possible, at extreme temperatures and in high humidity.